You are invited to experience a way of connecting with openness and without judgement. This workshop will inspire you to explore yourself and how you connect with others. This exploration will develop your skills of understanding, building trust and transparency skills that are essential for anyone connecting with their customers, their team, their friends and their life.

We will gently slow down so that you can reconnect with yourself and others. You will experience your unique way of relating at a mental, emotional and physical (somatic) level. You will discover how you can transform from automatically reacting to a situation to choosing how you will respond.

During the workshop you will:

  • Learn a new communication technique where you will explore your inner experience (body sensations, thoughts and feelings) as well as the connection to the other person (opening up, listening with compassion, staying present).
  • Practice emotional regulation to build your awareness and your ability to respond to a situation instead of automatically reacting.
  • Reflect and share our experiences (participants and facilitators) and harvest insights.
  • Explore how these practices can be continued and applied in your everyday life and the industries you work in.

The workshop is open to all beginners and people who have already started developing self-awareness.

The exercises can be done in the language that is most comfortable for the participants. The workshop guidance is generally provided in English. The workshop structure supports interpretation to another language.

Relevance to User Experience

This workshop is useful for anyone interacting with other people and working in any industry. I work in the UX industry and we are often one of the communication hubs in our teams, connecting the people who use our services, developers, management and marketing.

User Research – Building trust and maintaining the appropriate level of neutrality and is one of the keys to successful user research. You can build on the experience in the workshop to develop both.

Concepting and UX Design – Receiving input from other people, communicating your message while reading other people’s feedback and building alignment — all these interactions are easier with awareness.

These resources are intended for people who experienced my Connecting with Curiosity workshop. Thank you for participating! The space and experience in the workshop is created by your presence.

For those who did not attend, the resources below can still be helpful. The workshop included a grounding exercise, participating in multiple rounds of Dyad communication practice, and an insights sharing session. The workshop is focused on a direct experience – there are no slides.

Some topics for further exploration

Dyad communication practice – Basic process and alternative questions. Detailed information.

Nonviolent Communication – A very practical framework for connecting with empathy and building understanding with others. This 3 hour video of a workshop given by Marshall Rosenberg covers all the basics: observation, feelings, needs, request. You can then start practicing on your own or with a practice group. When you are starting to apply this theory and changing your behaviour, your speech can feel quite “formulaic”. Don’t worry, it is very common that it takes time to become more fluent in any language. Practicing and interacting with more experienced people helps. As you explore, lists of feelings can help you develop your vocabulary (English, German, and more).

Self-awareness is a key to connecting to yourself and others more deeply. Mediation is one way to develop self-awareness. There are many different meditation techniques. I practice Vedic Meditation which promotes deep relaxation. I recommend you try different techniques to find out which one suits you the best.  Some people find a mobile phone app with voice guidance useful. Some people find it easier to start and keep up practice with a teacher and a group.

Emotional regulation – Processing negative emotions with mood melting by Frank Kinslow. The web page is in German, translating to English with Google is mostly understandable.

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